About Us

The Art of Restoring Mercedes-Benz


We do not look at the restoration of a Mercedes-Benz as merely a job, it is our passion to rebuild a classic back to its original, pristine state, through the process of repairing and renewing. This restoration process is, for Unique Cars of Palm Beach, an artisanal, professional, cosmetic and mechanical job in which all aspects of the vehicle body and upholstery are taken care of, including the preservation of convertible tops, seat covers, carpet sets and door panels. Nothing escapes our precision!

We take pride in our passion for restoring automobiles to their original state, knowing that collectors and enthusiasts all over the world are driven by nostalgia and love of the original Mercedes-Benz models to acquire these beautiful automobiles. In honor of this love for the Mercedes-Benz tradition, we strive to bring back an era of sophistication and glamour. Moreover, the preservation of style, performance, and safety is a must.





In 1926, Carl Benz and Gottlieb Daimler pioneered the Mercedes Benz automotive brand, commencing an era of memories, design, art, lifestyle, image, and sophistication. Here at Unique Cars of Palm Beach, we honor the Mercedes-Benz motto, “Das Beste oder Nichts,” meaning, “The best or nothing,” because we are devoted to following upon the legacy of the Mercedes-Benz brand across its long history of performance, and styling, and safety. That’s why Unique Cars of Palm Beach is recognized for tirelessly elevating the legacy of Mercedes-Benz to the pinnacle of excellence.



Freddy Genatios has made a lifelong hobby of classic cars. Since his adolescence, he has been a dedicated collector, later going on to own several successful businesses centered around his love for automobiles. Apart from building prosperous car dealership franchises, he is a successful civil engineer who has established engineering firms with both regional and international reach. Freddy has also successfully managed companies in diverse areas of the economy in the United States as well as in Latin America, including some in the communications field.

A few years ago, Freddy decided to combine his two passions in life, classic cars and business, in order to create the company we have today. Furthermore, his entrepreneurial and engineering skills have been the perfect combination for Unique Cars of Palm Beach to be a successful company. Furthermore, his love for classic cars has given him an uncanny eye for beauty and aesthetics, his engineering background has given him attention to detail and structural precision, both of which are essential qualities to help your vision and dream of a classic car come to life.



The restoration of a classic car wouldn’t be possible without the help of our experienced team. This is why at Unique Cars of Palm Beach, our staff; Papa, Nüsse, and Speedy, are devoted and are the most seasoned and experienced professionals who can ensure a smooth process of repairing, renewing, and restoring your beautiful Mercedes-Benz classic.

The members of our team possess a deep understanding of the mechanics, bodywork, and electronics of classic cars, as they frequently deal with vintage models.

The trust between the restoration team and the car owner is essential. That’s why honesty and transparency regarding costs, timelines, and challenges are fundamental for our team.

They are focused on service quality and customer satisfaction, thereby achieving the desired results.